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Hello, My name is Toad 900. I want to change Hatena so that there are no more FRs or Stealers. There are many sprite projects that I will release, so here is my list:

Omochao: 50-100%?

Hammer Bro: 30-40%

MLSS Fuzzy: Depends; 50-100%

Toad: 40-60%?

Tiff: 5%

SPP Dry Bones: 80-100%

MLSS Baby Yoshi: IDK

Possible Sprites:

.MLPIT Bombomb

.Super Amy Rose

.Nooz *Red* (MLBIS)


.MLBIS Micro Goomba

Secret Project: Not tellen how much done...

Check more often for updates! See ya!

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