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! Hello my name is Tonalli

I love the blue color as well as many things as Sonic the donuts and lots more

My dream is to be a cartoonist and writer and work for SEGA that's my secret dream ..... ups is no longer secret hehe.

I will tell some of my main characters:

Tona the hedgehog

Species: Hedgehog

Element: Water

Age: 19 years


sencible, nice and laughs at anything, and always love at first sight but when he realizes that it is a hoax .... good story that no longer xD.


Usually a blue dress. black gloves and white boots with a star and a T recorded.

Clara the fox

Species: Fox

Element: Fire

Age: 20 years


Very special, qiere be the first to todocuando becomes very angry flames of her hair grow, it not a siemte gloves that she is hot as fire element and does not like makeup


good style is not much to tell

Candy the Hedgehog

Species: Hedgehog

Element: Ice

Age: 17 years


Well she is a secret agent and she is very serious in it there is much to say only that she is very angry and has never been in love (ecepto that Hurricane Wolf Reina's character and excellent desert character)


She is a little way that you know you have to be moving all the time but you can see looking at my flip style

Lizbeth the tiger:

Species: tigre

Element: electric

Age: 21 years


She loves the wild nature and pina coladas prveniente hehe and she is the island of Madagascar but also loves New York City do not be fooled haha.


Usually it is a bikini for all the guys that go behind it hehe percent were not kidding.

Soon there will be more new characters and more stories to tell! do not miss them

One more thing I just want to tell my favorite creators! they are awesome especially Wolf Reina, Dreams, Blue hedgehog, Alexis and many more seriously! I admire