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Hi im Ray this is my channel. Anyway I been here when I was 10 now i returned here at 13 heh luckily im back because I was busy at school. Well me and Rea make comedy flips together like Ray's vision I told her the idea and she agrees but not only comedy. I work busy at Music videos like shadow stepping im done with it and I'll post it when network is on

Ray vs BC's gang


After BC left Ray took his place and start fight with his team BC returned with the DEATH POWER! Who would be the best fighter ever

Coming soon

Ray's New dagger


Ray made his own Dagger while watching Adventure time


The dagger Ray was making was alike like Me-mow's but Ray made it sharper and more diffrent

The episode that Ray was watching was Jake vs Me-mow but he wasn't allowed the viewers to watch exapt at the start of the flipnote

If you look closer beside the TV u'll find a doll of M-M it looks like a voodoo doll

Is he trying to murder her?

After a month

Ray meets someone!


Ray's fire enhacted dagger is lost where could he finds it with?


Ray has a dagger that was in Ray's new dagger

Look close to the TV adventure time is open and paused

And the Voodoo doll is gone

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