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i guess alex and i are done... didnt know .. .-. things you said were f.ukin ur dating a thing from a horror movie.. godddd...i miss all of you guys!! except some ppl... if you wanna keep in touch ill give ya mah numbehhh!! :D oh and IM SINGLE!! ;D not tht it matters ..btw i wasnt on for awhile cuz im paralyzed .. half of mah face is blank and wont move...... sux thoooo.. cuz alex just lost a girl of his ''dreams'' pssshhh...mah ashhh..LOL ...:/ life ssucks but hard.. BYE i guess .. I HATE SOMEONE SOOOO BADDDD...IT HURTS INSIDE JUST THINKIN BOUT HIM..ugh last night even had a dream bout him just thinkin bout himm all day..NOT ANYMORE! ...bye noaaa..;3