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My first ever flipnote (note posted) was where has my muffin gone? but failing to see th funnyside it was deleted but then MOM IS MY BATH READY was born and now i make a flipnote a day some times more

My fave food in the world is Chicken and mushroom PUKKA PIE

My fave animals are pandas tapirs and dogs only westies scotties and other dogs with pointy ears with the eception to beddlington terriers called ned

My fave film is Twilight

My fave book is New Moon (i creid 3 times) ;|

My fave thing to do (next to flipnote) is climbing and sitting in trees

My fave word is ok (so simple yet it can change your life in a scenario such as) 'do you want chicken and mushroom pie' 'ok' SEE WHAT I MEAN!!!

I cant believe people think im crazy !!!


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