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Hello everyone I'm Triji97. I'm pretty much into doing stick figure videos but if anyone suggests some ideas I'll be happy to try and make them. I sometimes go to the Boss chatroom and people call me Tri- (I think you can't see the "j") but anyways.

A friend of mine on hatena is Vice98 (check out his flips) I am between 11 and 15 (not too specific.) Some random people I've talked to are Carol, Icyshadows,Second coming, Werm aka Spam, and Dante plus a friend that left because he couldnt afford a Dsi Scrawny R.I.P. More information soon. Ok, bye!


Ok now me is back hahahahahahahahahahahaha


Me is Triji+Vice

Chuck Norris+Sonic= THE ULTIMATE LIFEFORM! and sonic.

look at all my flips add 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

stars then check out my co-creator Vice+Triji!

lol Sky now. will change to Triji soon i love u fans -U-

unless ur a dude lol.

but meh new stick fight is out!

IT ISH EPIC!!!!!!! eUe rofl-conceit.