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Well... I haven't changed my profile in a while...

Well, first of all, I think in July, I'll be on here for a whole year:) time sure flies...

I would also like to give out some shout outs.


You have been so nice and helpful! U always make me feel good about my animation and my pictures I make;) thanks!


Thanks for being so caring! U always make me feel good about myself and you've been so kind to me:)


Thank u for appreciating my work, and I appreciate yours:) u always make me feel like I can do anything:) u inspired me to make my movie:)

U all have inspired me so much:)

I plan to make the next part of my movie soon.

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Also, some achievements!

100 stars( done)

1000 stars( done)

100,000 stars( done)

200,000( not even close)

10 fans( done)

100 fabs(done)

200 fans ( done)

500 fans( not even close)

I'm at like... 70,000 views... Somthing like that...

Highest rank: 300ish

My flipnote had never been in a rank( 1,2,3ect.)

That's pretty much it

Oh and some things I'm working on:)

Eggman strikes back part 22 6% done D:

That is really all I'm working on:/

Well... Sorry about not really working on my movie.., I haven't really had the motivation to work on it...