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im new to this site one would call hatena

how awesome

is that

so my name is ray

im 14 and will be 15 in may

ive been drawing for about a year

im a boy

i live in washington

i cosplay a lot of random shit

mainly davesprite and john

i love davesprite hes really awesome and if you dont think so geT OUT

that was rude wasnt it

ok anyway

my interests are

being a lazy fuck and not using grammar when it comes to typing

random text posts on tumblr



roleplaying fictional homosexual 13 year old boys

weeping over character deaths from homestuck

and sobbing over davejohn feelings

also cats

cats are great

if you want my facebook just ask me and ill give it to you i mean i dont use my real last name??

also same with my tumblr i dont want to link it here because then my over 1500 crazy followers will end up searching my url and finding this account thing and that is not okay

oh yeah i also do a lot of three am chatting on here i guess so yeah

talk to me ok!!!!! im really nice i swear im just rEALLY shy sometimes

other times i can be annoying and loud but for the most part i like to think i am social even though its obvious im not

we can talk about headcanons together so hit me up please please please


piss on me fucking piss on me but do it in the antarctic so that the pee freezes in mid air while you are pissing off a building and the piss turns to spears impale me with frozen urine and then shit on my butt corpse im a fat gay and i want to go to ice hell ftw

this horrible profile has been brought to you by the letter e and the number 17

davejohn is canon