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Hey everyone as you all known i have never been posting new flipnotes lately and i probably wont never do them again......... i know right but dont be sad i will hang out in hatena. About the flipnotes i, am sadly not continuing with them anymore. The reason is because my lil brother broke my Dsi touch screen...I know that suxs A WHOLLLE LOTTT.... i know wut ur thinking

you as a troll* Why dont u stop being so dumb about it get it fixed or bye a new one!!!!

my reply : well since we have having trouble with money here on the u.S on budget cuts our budget got caught and we need to worry on other things and not on my dsi.. :(*troll* oh ok

well there u have it and also SENDING PRAYERS FOR JAPAN..........its so awful on what happened over there hope Japan is ok.....OH and i almost forgot R U GUYS EXCITED FOR SPRING BREAK!!!!!!1!! I AM but its not spring break yet for me idk about you guys......byez

~ lifeless liz