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i am 10 years old, and i love to draw and write books. my next book is called behind closed doors, coming december 2012. i am a reall tomboy, and i am crazy. i dont care what other poeple think when it comes to being crazy. it seems to make people laugh. or sometimes just want to walk away slowly. either one is fine. im not a good annimator, and my best flinote friend is derren shan. i'd give you her command, but im tired and dont remember it rite now... i love the show sgt. frog and im a gironatsu fan ( giroro and natsumi in a relationship is what it means) i would love to become a better writer and a better animator ( so if you have any tips, please tell me! i dont mind the critisizm!) and my favorite animator ( you better know her!) k66gunso, which is alot of peoples favorite. i love technoligy, im always on my phone, computer, or dsi, ( i hope i dont fry my brain...).

info about me(not that i think you really care):

i dont like to delete hateful comments, because i like to think of it as feedback, but all i ask is that you tell me why you thought it was a peice of the "c" word, because if you didn't do that, its not really feedback, but if you dont, i still wont report you. i dont like to report, b cuz sometimes i will false report and not even know what i am reporting is not against the rules, and i don't want to be a false reporter.

i love video games, even though im not good at them. i like fighting the most, b cuz i always win, even against my elders. ( fighting in real life is also fun. im not a bully, i wait until trouble finds me. if there weren't so many teachers around, the boy that calls me names wouldn't be alive anymore) im not good at gears of war and black ops and stuff like that, but there still fun to play even when i die every 20 seconds. technology is my best friend, and i know more about it than most of the people in my school,but i got a headstart, which gives me an advantage that i shouldn't hav taken.

i dont like being mean to people, if i don't like them i simply try to ingnore them, same for hatena, if i am constantly picked on by you or don't like you for maybe that same purpose, i will block you. i act REALLY crazy in school, only because i don't like being angry and if theres one place i would like to have fun, i would like it to be at school with my friends who know most of my deep secrets.

i love sports, soccer the most, and want to join every sports possible while i'm in school. when i first started vollyball this year, i was totally afraid of the ball, but now i know that even if it hits me in the nose, it will only hurt for a few seconds, nothing that i cant TRY to handle.

i am not good at animating, nor drawing, and need lessons! got any ideas?




not telling


july 17

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not sure


dont know what that is


del mar

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i dont really feel like typing, but oh well


writing, drawing, making cartoonson flipnote, inventing not that i really get to do it, swimming, and biking

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playing piano, and writing



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