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Hey my name is Flamez


watch Edssworld(r.i.p Edd Gould)

and smosh and Tobuscus and the yogscast and uhh... yeah

ok enough of yotube more about flamez :)

Flamez is a fox who grew up in a town just outside a forest

He Didnt know anyone at the time but he only had 1 friend

his pet dog-bat called griffon. A few months later after

being forever alone, he finnaly met a good friend called Jacob

(EeveeFlare)They wre pretty much bff untill Jacob let

Flames go meet his other friends thats when he met Bluechu

(doing a collab) is (#1 fan of eddsworld) Misaki (a pony loving

girl) and...RedPika (most prettyest girl on hatena I MEAN no not preetyest...)

Well I guess i just told you I have a crush on Red I MEAN the life

of Flamez ¬_¬


My name is Tom im 13

and my favorite food is pasta

my fave colours:orange and red

animals:foxes wolves(espesilly winged wolves)and meerkats

fave tv shows:regular show, adventure time and the amazing world of gumball

and im a boy (ya know seeing im madly in love with Red Pika)

well thats enough of me...

Bless your face, if you sneezed during this profile, bless you

ba do do do do do do do do subscribe outro of darkness then redness then whiteness then BOOOOP!