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Well, this is my page! I know its not a lot. I love wolves. I dont prefer them over others, but they are my favorite animal and probably the only thing i can ACTUALLY draw. I make a series called "Night."

Night is about a pack of wolves. If i had the choice, i would start it ALL over because i absolutely hate the beginning. Also, i cant draw people to save my life, so i draw chibi forms... kind of.

My real name is Lianna. I am 15 and my birthday is April 7th. (dont forget to say happa birfda to meh!) I love to draw and i am currently making about 3 books right now. Once i am finished with Night, i may or may not start another series. (My brother has an idea, i might just let him do it, or i may help.) Well, that is all i can think of at this moment. BAI!!!!