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heya people, here is Kratos.

You want to know something about me, well i can tell you somethings, you wanna know ^^

so here are questions that people ask me:

What's your real name?

My real name is Natascha

are you a boy or a girl?

Girl ^^

How old are you?

I'm 14 years old

When is your birthday?

My birthday is on 28th of January

What is your favorite color?

Oh well, i think red and black.

Where do you from?

I'm from Bremen, in Germany.

Why is your name "Kratos"?

I love the game Tales of Symphonia, and Kratos Aurion is my favorite character ^^

You can look on Google, and search him ;D

What are your hobbys?

mmh, my hobbys.. i really love to draw manga, and to play the Bass-guitar. i have two cats ( their names are fritz(chen) and freddy ) and i have to play with them, and thats great fun ^^ and i love to play music with my class ;D

what are your fav. games ?

mmh i think Tales of Symphonia and The legend of Zelda.

do you have any pets?

yes two cats -.-" but you know that already -.-"

are you single or taken?

taken x3

what is your fav. Band?

mhh Hollywood Undead ^^

and what is your fav. song:

ohh it change soo many times xD i don't know xD

but i guess, paradise lost from HU ^^

mmmh ok when you've got some different questions, ask my ^^

sooo äähhhmm


heheh and Zelda ^^

i'll tell you something :

do you know zelda majora's mask??

and do you know the Bremen mask ??

how you can take all chicken together, and get the bunny ears?!

yes, that's the story of the bremen town musicians ^^

and i live in bremen, soo i'm happy about it, i know it's stupid xD

but it's make me really happy ^^ hahahah :DDD

soo thats all about me, Kratos ^^

bye people ^^

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