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Omg! Look at meh fancy name it's got all these weird letters I can barely read but I luv it so much...and I love soul so much I wanna eat em up! Heh lol soul he's cute huh? What? You like em to demon! Well eff you...he's mine...<3 heh...soul es mine...

~Sinsis From Sin Citeh ha <3

Oh,Excuse Me? Naw, Naw, Sin You Better Back Off, Chu Too, Miyuz, Soul Ez, Heh, Uh, MINE! Mkay?Yea, Obviously 'Cause Mah Password, Mkay? Prince Is Urs, Soul, BlackStar, Death The Kid (Oh Yes, Sin, Do Sumtin') Ehh All The Soul Eater Boy Chars, SONNY MOORE, AND CHRISTOPHER DREW. Mmm. Delicious. Are MINE <3 :dB

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