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Name: Prinlup98

ID: w31-r3y-13e


Flipnote Studio

Dsi Games (Pokemon Black)

If you wanna find out what mah friend code is on Pokemon Black and White, well HERE IT IS!!

Friend Code: 2150-7478-4687

Name: Nick

If u wanna be my friend, buy Pokemon Black or White (Not HH, SS, Platinum, Pearl, or Diamond!) and then comment in one of my flips. When you do so, just tell me your friend code and name (name is really important so don't forget!)

Friends: レべツカ(Luna) id: LunaNinjaAmy

Blocked users : ?????????? id: killman1234


Q: Why did the man put candy under his pillow?

A: He wanted sweet dreams

Q: What do you call when a bear doesn't have any shoes on?

A: He walks bear foot... LOL!!!

Q: What color is a burp?


Q: Why did tigger look inside the T O I L E T ?

A: He was looking for Pooh!

Q: What do you call a fairy who never takes a bath?

A: Stinkerbell!

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