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Im a nice person I may be weird but you should take some time to know me cause looks aint what life is about its the experience on the way.Try not to fall on the way and if you do just keep getting up cause life is full of bumps and cracks and your the only one who could fix those cracks or avoid them whichever fits you best.You cant always judge a book by its cover cause the cover is a work of art.Each detail on the cover different and unique sure it has some rips and tears but its a whole different story when you open that book.You never give up and tough it out cause thats just how life is your on a one way path and the only choice is to keep moving forward cause theres no turning back when you make that choice.You have hope thats what keeps you moving and what wakes you up in bed without it i would close my eyes and never wake up cause there would be no one to wake up to.So just dont think your alone in the world cause the world is full of so many people you just gotta get to know them.