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Just to start this thing out, I have gone out of my way and prepared a 4 hour lecture about the symbolism of Curious George. However, you don't seem that excited about it soooo instead I have a list of 10 things about me.

Enjoy while I go roast marshmallows over my can of nitroglycerin.

1. I don't swear or cuss. (I find it unappealing and repelling.)Tis bad. "oAo Please don't around me.

2. I have a blue DSi XL with an apple sticker and a BYU sticker on the front.

3. I try my hardest to be a good friend. I am constantly in a good mood and am happy because happiness is a choice. ^eDe^ yeeeeeey

4. I have a slight limp in my left leg where it was shot twice.

5. I live in Virginia Beach VA in a big beautiful beach house with a wonderful view of the ocean. ewe soooo pretty...

6. I have 3 sisters 2 of which are going to collage at BYU.

7. My full name is Jefferson Logan (the forth) Brimhall. My nickname is JJ because when I was young I couldn't say Jefferson but I loved the letter J and would say it continually. People also call me J Logan (hence my user name...) J-Man, Jeff, Jiffy, Jimmer, That kid and Jamakin. (JA-MA-KIN) ^dB^

8. I enjoy swimming, surfing, paintball, running, hangin out at Mt.Trashmore, dancing, playing basket ball, writing, singing (I'm terrible at it though), shopping, wearing cool clothes, jamming out to music, making music to jam out to, reading good books, skipping #9, playing with little kids, cleaning, doing dishes with my siblings, clipping my fingernails, buying pens, drawing/writing w/ said pens, becoming infuriated when said pens run out of ink, buying more pens, eating, digesting, procrastinating, not doing homework, watching the sunrise with my family bundled up in blankets on the sandy beach at 6:30, camping, the outdoors in general, doing laundry, playing just dance 3 and Portal 2, playing Minecraft, playing bomber man, challenging my siblings to a game of bomber man, admitting defeat when they beat me, playing my dad in Mario Kart for the GameCube, helping my mom write children e-books for the nook, saying "Sooooooooo" "Like" and "Awesome" about 12 times every conversation, going to church, having m ilk come out of my nose when laughing and drinking it at the same time, wearing sunglasses, dancing awkwardly in the car when stopping at a stoplight, polar bears aaaaand waffles! I Loooooove Waffles! X3


  • Some Goals I have for Hatene and myself-

Well, thats all for now. Thanks for reading all this crap. Hope #8 didn't kill of interest. oAe"