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Heyzzz ^ ^ My name is Marlow. Call me Boo, MarMar, or Marlow Misery! Black Veil Brides are my life! I total fan girl over their bad @$$ music! and looks… I Have Wretched And Divine^ ^ Follow me on tumblr

  • Marlow Misery <3

P.S. I make kandi cuffs so yeah xD

Full name

Marlow Ann Soltero




March 1

Blood type

umm…. red?


Playing basketball, cleaning.


Horizon Middle School.

Place of residence

Horizon City, Texas

Place of birth

El Paso, Texas


Listening to music, chatting with friends, playing guitar, piano, trumpet, teasing my hair, writing poems, drawing.

Special skills

Cracking my voice while singing, dancing, GETTING HEAD RUSHES ALL THE TIME, double-jointed on my fingers, put foot over head, scratch nose with toes (that rhymes).


Spanglish X)

Relationship Status

Single, crushing

Bands/Artists I HATE!

Carly Rae jepsen, talor swift, that girl who sings Such Sweet Nothing, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Manaj, that guy who sings Don't Worry Child or something like that, Alicia Keys GOSH SHE IS ANNOYING!, Maroon 5, i'm sorry to say this but I hate the beatles, I only like Oh Darling by them. ALL RAPPERS EXCEPT MACKELMORE AND RYAN LUIS


Celebrities liked Jinxx / Harry Styles / Big Sean / Ben Bruce / Ronnie Radke / Jake Pitts / Liam Payne / Zayn Malk / Jayy Von Monroe / Ashley Purdy / Christian "CC" Coma / Louis Tomlinson / Andy SIxx/Andy Biersack / Niall Horan
Fashion liked any thing but girly. YUCK
Games liked Halo (all halos)
Comics liked umm…. ned???
People liked Lyndsee, cause she is me idol! / My crush / Jojo cause she my sissy <3
Drinks liked Water / coke / Tea / Lemonade / chocolate milk
Food liked I have alot, but ima name some, Chips / Papa's con choiso / Ramen, MMMM RAMEN IS DELICIOUS
Music liked Panic! At The Disco / Escape The Fate (with Craig) / Blood on the Dance Floor / Foo Fighters / NeverShoutNever! / Woe Is Me / Justin bieber is ok. Im not a belieber and I don't listen to his music that often / Apon This Dawning / Crown The Empire / Suicide Silence R.I.P Mitch Lucker </3 / Macklemore and Ryan Luis / Mayday Parade / Automatic Love Letter / Farewell, My Love / Bruno Mars / Pierce the Veil / all time low / all that remains / A Day To Remember / Breaking Benjamin / Asking Alexandria / Bring Me the Horizon / Three Days Grace / Paramore / Evanescence / Escape The Fate (with Ronnie) / Flyleaf / Sleeping with Sirens / Bullet For My Valentine / Avenged Sevenfold / God Smack / Black Veil Brides / I.S.S.U.E.S. / all time low / I like one direction, but I don't listen to them / Of Mice and Men / Memphis May Fire / Justin bieber is ok. Im not a belieber and I don't listen to his music that often / Bring Me The Horizon / Falling in Reverse / My Chemical Romance
Web services liked Tumblr
Art liked tokidoki <3
TV Shows liked Fact or Fake / Adventure Time / Ridiculousness / Ghost Adventures
Sports liked Vollyball / Football <3, i havent played it, but its entertaining. / Basketball
Characters liked Adios and Ciao Ciao / Hello Kitty
Animals liked Cats / ALL ANIMALS <3
Movies liked Legion Of The Black