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Hello Hatenians!! As you can clearly see with those spheres in your skull, I AM MAU55TORM!!! I like drawing, daydreaming, writing (occasionally), and of course listening to music! My favorite genres include-

Hip Hop


and most importantly* DANCE <3333

Out of all of those, my most FAVORITE and i mean MOST FAVORITE is deadmau5 (doesnt my name make it obvious?! XD) and a few big reasons sum up why hes my fave!


I am SEVERLY protective of my fangirlness. What im saying is if it somehow gets to me or hits my fan that you feel the same way i do about him, i will get a little protectve but not much. if it goes beyond that, you can almost garuntee we WILL exchange words about it. MAYBE if i can come to a compromise with my inner fangirl, i might MIGHT make a fangirl channel for him since its such an injustice that he doesnt have one but if i continue to feel as such, no channel. i consider myself to be his #1 fan but thats just my interpretation because i do and always will be the only person amongst all of you that knows what goes on in my head. you wanna ask questions about that? you get NO ANSWER. why would i tell anyone such things?! if youre oh so curious and can keep a secret, i might MIGHT just tell you ONE THING but thats it. Anyway, hes my crush, blah blah, blah, blah , blah...HES MINE! >:D

But other than that, i also like discussing pokemon creepypastas and scary stories/tales! Now onto what i dont like...

  • Hate
  • Jersey Shore (ESPECIALLY PAULY D)
  • People putting words in other peoples mouths
  • TMZ

You get the picture. DO NOT ask if i like these things because i will straight up tell you I DONT LIKE THOSE THINGS. You wanna know why? You can ask in the comments. Im too lazy to write now. For all you Pauly D fangirls, i dont care how mad you get i have NO respect for pauly d. Anyways, be sure to check out my flips if you like! You wanna chat? Just ask! :)

See you on Hatena!

  • Mau55torm <3