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Hi I am [emoji:n00]ND[emoji:n05]EW, and I put time and effort into all of my flips. I should post EVERY Monday Thursday and Friday!![emoji:325]

YouTube Channel name: AndrewProductions98 (heres the link to my channel):



My FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Andrew-Productions/436296449715775

My twitter: AndrewPro98


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[emoji:B60]~HOW I CAME TO HATENA~[emoji:B60]

I got my dsi for my b-day in march 2010. I was origonaly going to get a I pod for my b-day, but beleive it or not, I FOUND AN I POD TOUCH IN THE STREET[emoji:332]! Once I had an I touch I didn't know what I wanted for my b-day. Eventualy I decided to get a camcorder. When I had my birthday party all I got from my friends where game stop gift cards. I had no clue what I wanted from game stop. When I went to game stop I saw the NEW DSI XL. I didn't really think I wanted a dsi, because I didn't think dsi games where all that good. I almost got an x box 360 but I didn't have enough money so I just went with the dsi xl. When I got home I tried out all the games and features on the dsi xl. And BY FAR flipnote studio was my favorite![emoji:349] I made lots of flips that I thought where good but now when I look back, my old flips where horrable! I never really bothered to click on the. Green flipnote hatena button. All I really cared about was making flipnotes. About 4 months later, my friend was over, and we where making flipnotes. He showed me what hatena[emoji:h00] was and I LOVED it[emoji:B06] The first flip I ever watched was "The Cliff". A few days later I decited to make a hatena account. But when I put my hatena ID in, it said, ID IS INVALED! I was trying to make my ID Andrew. I tried over and over with the ID Andrew but it wouldn't work. SO I gave up. A few weeks later on September 3rd, I decided to try to make a hatena account. Instead of making my ID Andrew, I Made it Wicked-Vidios. Yes, I know it's spelled wrong. That's because the ID Wicked-Videos was taken. As soon as I got my account to work I started posting all of my flipnotes. I've Deleted most of them because they where not very good. [emoji:B5D] 


My goals:

1)20,000 fans by the end of 2012.

2)1,000,000 stars by the end of 2012

3)500,000 commets by the end of 2012

I know those are big goals, but I know I can reach them!!!



Q: How long do you work on flipnotes each day? A: i used to work on them about 2 hours[emoji:33A]....

Q: will you take down the hcuc? A: No

Q:will you give me some green stars? A:OF COURSE... NOT!!!

Q:Why did you copy the diary of a wimpy kid style? A:I didn't, the only thing similar to his style is the way i draw the nose and the eyes. i changed everything else up to make it my own unique style!

Q: is Julian smith your favorite youtuber? A: YEEESSSS!!!!!

Q: will you ever quit hatena? A:some day when my dsi breaks, or im off to collage and need a job.... YES. :(