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I love to draw! And sing and do a lot of musical things. Ihave a youtube and will post comedy videos very soon. My goals on Hatena:

Make it in the most popular, make it to 100+ fans, make lots of friends :) , never steal!!!, become "famous", for people to enjoy my flipnotes, to be better at drawing, to be better at animating, to make original series (or as close to original as possible), and all that other good stuff<3. Well I would very much appreciate it if you guys helped me reach my goals <3. Ok that's pretty much it, so bye! <3 u all!! oFTo

<<EDIT>> OK so i made a website called flipnotes news! please check it out and stuff!! spread the word! tell everybody you can!! please spread the word!! I will be so grateful!! love you guys bye!!

Website: http://www.flipnotenews.webs.com/


Can somebody explain to me exactly how Diviant Art works? I dont understand how you get your drawn pictures onto da computer... :m