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Hi I am SpikeTF people that can read and own computers or DSi browser =D

I met almost all my hatena friends by chatting at Shadic's(now calls himself LostLoser)Chatroom

These are MY Characters:

Will the Tiger(MEH)

Spike the Fox

Strawberry the Rabbit

Cyber the Creatura

Night the Hedgehog

Reach the Cat

Kokino the Hedgehog

Liz the Boston Terrier

Spike Doll

Terios the Cat

Sasha the Snow Tiger

Blast the Snow Leopard

Symphony the Red(Blue) Panda

Sorrow the Cheetah

Onyx the RoBat

(and more I'm sure of it)


50,000 yellow stars (reached

100,000 yellow stars (not reached)

10 green stars (not reached)

1 red star (NOT reached)

blue or purple star (like that will happen)

  • Fans-

100 fans(Reached)

150 fans (Reached)

300 fans (NOT reached)

1000 fans (NO WHERE NERE IT)

have a flip in the Most Popular(REACHED)

have a flip have more than 5000 stars (reached)

have a flip on page 1 of 4 in the most popular (not reached)

have a flip number 1 in MP (not reached)

have a flip have over 10000 stars (reached)

well bye =3