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I dont reply when a convo is awkward or if i dont know how to reply---- i am the loner people forget has feelings...

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I dont reply when a convo is awkward or if i dont know how to reply---- i am the loner people forget has feelings...

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Skyler serenity and peach are my main ocs.....Im an aquarius ....

All my life ive been different you wanna know more ask me but as for here this ia all you get:~im a loner -- (most people say weirdo or freak)because i was never understood ... and

i love poetry ....and drawing I'm shy and patient until aggravated

Check out my DA: Serenity-peace-may.

checkout my "deep words"as my buddy calls them:

The shadows come and i am the one they're searching for, im hidden in a place thats really a disgrace hiding like a rat in a sewer im stuck in this haunted old house alone, unwanted... dont you all see me or am i truly invisible?

cant you see me?

why cant you see me

spiraling down into a depression when i was thrown down into despair crying for help noone helped me... no one missed me noone pleaded as the shadows took their final piece of my life

i heard a cry asking the same question as i.

am i alone?

can anyone find me?

will i ever be out of here?

will i ever be safe?

why cant i be free?

why? why? why? can you find me? did you look deep into the shadows of doubt? im still here no longer alone in the shadows i have to call home find me now and save me here... so i may no longer dissapear... save me now and let my mind become clear

these shadows helped me to realize everyone has a light and a dark

the end had come and a new begining was fixing to begin.

was it here? no.

was it gone?? not quite.

did this make you think about your Life? did itmake you think twice? can you imagine what that mustve felt like? spiraling down down down until all of a sudden a familiar noise and then poof, gone, nothing, left. nothing around a clear dark room without a sound neverin my life have i wished to hear something anything everything,for me being who i was.

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february 3

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._. Art

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I have been hurt a lot. ... so if I open up to you be very honored

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Love you.(whoever you are)

best friend love

i will defend my best friends have a problem then shove off.

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