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i'm just a 16 year old guy who loves cars, playin, guitar and art. i'm currently working on a 1999 toyota supra twin turbo just finish taking it apart parts all over my brothers garage (I live with my brother)

name: damon

from: edmonton alberta

hobbies: playin guitar, tuning cars, repairing cars, rebuilding engines, welding, talking to you guys on hatena, drawing, playing card games, watchin movies, reading, going to church, and goin to the race track with my 08 evo x

favorite movies fast and the furious (all of them exept tokyo drift), eight below, cars, lion king, brother bear and balto

favorite books: percy jackson, silverwing and all that follow, white fang, hunger games trilogy, and dave mustaine

favorite bands: evolution, three days grace, metallica, megadeth, disturbed, anthrax, led zepplin, and zac browns band.