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✖Hey i am $NAYDER Aka:Mason

~Basic info:




✖Hair:Black! (my original hair):D

~Fav songs:

breaking benjamin

linkin park



✖3 days grace

Asking Alexandria




✖listen to heavy metal music

✖playing electric guitar


✖chat/rp/randomnezz & awesomenezz



✖Video games


New York

✖Daphne (my gf xD)



Justin Bieber (Hes on the Top list ಠ_ಠ)


✖False Reporters

✖Annoying sounds

✖Wait (lolz cant take it since its Madness)

~Yush you can ask Questions..if you like,you might find me in some "chats" dont be a shy and get to know me better lolz btw you can visit my other account heres the link:


so yeah you should see it says "Snayder1234" next to my creators profile name,Umm..but theres a lil prob with that account. "Hatena" suspended me from adding comments there since i use bad language and mature words since im 15 xDD but thats how i am and that will never change...please if you see me adding comments on my other account and from this account dont get confused xDD its weird cause i dont want to say its my other account since i have this problem that hatena caused me and some people wont believe me so ill just have to proove it by posting locked flips from that account to here in this one. soo yeah if your on Dsi (Browser) on w/e (whatever) but on "dsi" xD just go to my starred flips and you might see a chat where im always at. you might consider me as an awesome person when you get to know me better but i will NOT stand for arguements and other type of stuff like those..well soon imma be posting new amv's..but i will use my other Dsi wich has the account "Snayder1234" to make flips and post them right in THIS. account so people know i have 2 accounts and i guess it would be alot easier. well thanks for reading Creators cya around.


PS:my older sis has been using this account for a year and a half so when you go through my flips u'll see...girly flips ಠ_ಠ lolz but i wont erase them since they've got stars and lolz im not a star beggar but i love stars but i only win them when i work hardly.