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Yo wassabei peeps! I`m Wolfmoon™, the powerfull howling moon of light, and I am going to tell you all about meh :3 Ok, so I have a DSi XL, I`ve had it for about four years, I`ve only been on here for a year [almost two], and my screen is broken .3. I have two sweet cats named Millie and Abby, and there the cutest sisters you`ve ever seen! :3 I <3 wolves and cats, cause there 3PIC lol, I LOVE drawing, reading, biking, videogames, candy [lol], my fanz and friendz, music, Skrillex, cupcakes, Skillet, Meg and Dia, Deyna dB>, roleplay, Feral Heart [I have one. Look out for Wolfmoonhowl :3], Freddy Krueger [lolznezz], Emos, and thats just about it. I have a flipnote citezen ship as you can see :3, i'm happy about that lol D3. Welp, see yah lata!

~WolfMoon™, the powerfull howling moon of light