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O.k. sorry... it's aug/7. and i still haven't post.

I keep losing my only stylus, I found it, However.

But since i found it i will get to work... AGAIN.

Flipnote's Coming, let's say about... Never. maybe JK


Hi, my names Xander. i live in Minnesota.

And my favorite things to do is: Doodling, Keyboarding, Gaming... sorta. I've kinda realized that video game's waste time. I'd prefer other thing's... surprising, isn't it?

I use to play 11 hour's straight. yeah pretty bad right?.

i still play, However, not as much as i use too though.

Anyway, a little advice, hear me out. You ever chat?, Me? Not likely.

Why don't i On-line chat much? well this will answer your question,

First off. One day, i was chatting with some strangers in some Random chat. People were getting a bit... Naughty.

It bothered my Conscience. I wanted to yell at those PERVERTS!!!, but... I thought the best comment was, "No comment" so i left.

so you see. people get carried away. the best for you is not to get

involved with people like them.

Violating hatenas terms-of-use, is half of what Hatenas community does.

i no longer do so, However.

well, anyway, i also LOVE! Comedy. A great laugh, always Makes for a great day.

I also love stick fights!, I've always wanted to make my own.

My favorite creators:

#1 BosS

#2 Anthony. (Theres two anthony's i like.)

#3 NeZ

#4 Mike (Has a Music Note in his name.)

#5 Jojo

#6 HooT

#7 Anthony (Other.)

#8 Fred

#9 Epic

#10 Philip

Thank you for reading.

Update are above from here.