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Gender: ofcourse female ._. ..

Name: just call me by my username

Music: .o. Any kind but i love Kpop im a Sone(SnsdFan) Blackjack(2NE1fan 4 life) Wonder(Wondergirls fan) and etc.

Favorite Color: i dont really have ONE i love all the colors :3 Lol

Favorite Book: The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong .o. lol i love to read though

Favorite Tv Show: Spongebob 4 life, School rumble (now it dosent come on anymore) so as Blood+ and hmm idk.. i just watch tv cause i'll be bored

Well Good Bye--

Love; Bommie ,Die by Light , Cherry Park, InvaderRawr , ©opyright, etc i have lots of names x3