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~Goth and proud to be one~

I know what a Mary-sue is, but when I see one... so watch out fangirls! cause I LOVE hunting them DOWN!


Kaley Sierra Jade.


12 years old




August 19th


Drawing, Goth, Music, Horror movies, Books, Vampires, Werewolfs, Satan, and Paranormal stuff..


Art blocks, Girly things, and Mary-sue's

Type of music I like:

Classic Rock, Metal, Death Metal, and a little of Techno, Dubstep and remix.

Type of music I hate:

Pop, Hip Hop, and Rap ( worst sound of music I ever heard!)

Favourite people:

Jason Voorhee's~ Kick a.ss!

Spitter on L4D~ Pretty Spitter.

SlenderMan~ Slender is Awesome! <3

Masky~ The best :D

SplendorMan~ VERY Cute ;3

Jeff the Killer~ Creepy :3

Salad Fingers~ Creepy... but still love him <3

My Hatena Family~

Daughters: (None bro xD)

Sisters: Jeff (Quit)

Brothers: (None :3)

Mother: (No one but looking for creepypasta lover :D)

Father: Stitches22 (Quit)

My killer siblings: Jeff <3

My killer family members: Jeff.

Uncles: (None :D)

Aunties: TicklePop (I think she quit Dx)

Nieces: (None :3)

Nephews: (None :D)

Cousins: (None x3)

Forever alone on the family </3

My real life family~

Jeff~ Cousin <3


Favourite visual artist: Anyone with awesome art

Favourite movies: Nightmare on Elm street, Friday the 13th, SAW, Freddy Vs Jason, Insidous , and many more

Favourite TV shows: Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted, and America's funniest home video's Favorite bands / musical artists Fantomas, Emillie Autumn,Tomahawk,Slipknot, Rammstein, and many more...

Favourite books: Scary Stories to tell in the Dark series Favorite games Alice Madness Returns, Silent Hill, and Left 4 Dead

Favourite gaming: platform Nintendo 64, Game cube, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360 Tools of the Trade Ink, oil, soft, dry pastels, Charcoal, MS paint and Imagination

Other Interests: David Firth's animations