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Well um hello im not really new too hatena im just a new account old one got coruppted yeah well im raven and stuff um im on da if you ask me i migt draw you i have many many many many problem yeah im just an old program that needs to be updated...yes i just came up with that um some of my good friends arе

MK aka Maris

She is the worlds center of rotation and gravity with out her the world will completely fall apart and we will all die violently......she is one of the world most epic people her favorite Utauliod is Kasne Teto

RAZZY aka Loki aka Gilly

She is a well um....person who hasks me all the time ps if ur reading this stop hacking me i dont like it... She also copies me alot she is the program that can with ur computer that is sooooooo old its stealing ur good program characteistics and ideas but after you get pass that she is a rlly nice person kinda mean but its her personallity and she is also rly pretty her favorite vocaliod is Megpoid Gumi

Liv aka Liv aka Oliva

She is soooo silly she act like a five year old and i absoulty love her..... In a sister way but there is really no down side to her not that i have seen any ways she is very under stading and is a great person to go to whe your have problems and stuff and her favorite vocalid is Kagamine Rin

Now about me lol well my favorite Vocaliod is Megurine Luka and my favortie Utauliod is Kasane Teto my least favortie is Hatsune Miku yeah well my favorite country is Germany and i am learing German my second favorite countries are Russia Japan And Denmark

Third favorites are Norway and Iceland i love to watch hetalia lucky star higurashi soul eater negima ouran high school host club baka and test Inuyasha and Fruits Basket i love to listen to music in other languages My favorite German band is Die Atzen and my favorite russian band is Kитай