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hi! im lileevee, yes, THAT lileevee, the ultimate almost normal little furry poff of fur! my fursona is Littlepaw! just to confuse you! dB


about meh!

name: Lil - duh! cant you read dX

gender: girl - of some reason, some ppl think im a boy...

age: learn math!

country: only some friends know...

dream: obvious! Frieds, fame! XD

siblings:blind, ketchup, eeveeblue,

twiggy (from pikavee, i have a huge amount off siblings!)

friends: cant be botherd writing, frieds know if their a friend! ^.^


more random anoying stuff:

strange, random, short tempered, fast chainging of emotions...

scared of internet! (And you eat them,Twiggy?! <XD)




im always opened for requests.


i will come and get you blind! >:D

we are gonna live with eachother and our dudes!! <XD

bwahahahaha, you too eeveeblue!!

me you and blind + our dudes!! ^U^


yeah.... guess that all you need to know!

poff poff poff poff poffffffffffffffff..........


why are u still reading!?