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Hi pplz! im FadeWolf ;3 my freinds call me Fade. i luv to draw wolves and im 12 going on 13 ;3 my b-day is june 17th ;3 comen soooon!

My Main O.C's Disc.

Name: Fade

Gender: She-Wolf

Breed: ArticFox X GreyWolf and a lil Mexican wolf ;)

Discription: A petete white she wolf with 3 stripes on her back, 3 on her leg sides. she wears a spiked chain on her front right ankle. she has mysterious crystal eyes. it seems she wears a black mask to cover all she had been through.

Cat O.C (1)

Name: FallenLedge

Gender: She-Cat

Breed: Amarican short-hair and a lil persian.

Short Disc: A Marveled black/grey tabby shecat with crystal eyes. she has snowwhite paws and coal black ear tips.

Cat O.C (2)


Gender: Tom

Breed: Amarican shorthair

Disc: A lab test. you have to see one of my drawings of him to truley see him.

Frewindz/Fave creatorz; SolarPaws, NightMare , MinionWolf , Blizzard , SKylar B , -Insert name i forgot-

Thats bout it fawr nao!