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Hi. My name is SYNTAX ERROR. THE META-CHARSET ISO-9001 IS NOT PERMITTED ON 571-CLASS SERVERS. Oh well. You didn't have to know my name anyway. I haven't been on much, but it seems everyone says this place is a mess with all the "star beggars" and false reporters and stuff. Lets generalize everything into four groups (and my estimations on how much of this website they occupy). Trolls with about one fourth of the "population", perpetual newbies (nobody helps them so they stay in a newbie state) with about 2 thirds of the "population", people who want to "make a difference" (just rant and whine) with 14% of the population, and a small one percent of people who actually care about drawing and animating. I am a official nerd (with an imaginary certificate), so leave me a comment if you have any doubts. I play roblox, and my account is MangobotXD. I just need to delete all my old flipnotes. I don't like them). BTW, if Afro toad sees this, I want to make a gadget video game (with his help) so yeah.