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Hi, thanks for checking out my creators room lol. Call me....uh ...call me what ever you want :3 as long as its nothing freaky. I like drawing, spicy stuff, nerd glasses, emo stuff, goth stuff, punk stuff, skater stuff, video games, manga, Vans, books, crazy stuff, creepy stories....all that and more.

What I don't like? Onions, bell peppers, squash,mean people?, drama?, leeks, carrots, and other stuff.

What kind of person I really am? well I'm shy, weird I guess? Mellow and some what calm. I can laugh allot with you if we share the same humor?! and for some reason loved by extremely hyper people. It's like I'm a hyper magnet! no joke.

I'm pretty much nice to all I meet I guess. I don't TRY to be, people just say I am! I don't believe them though lol.

well I hope you like my cruddy flips! I haven't shown what I'm truly capible of yet. I'm too lazy! I need inspiration!