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hi. im shadowcat. i am a random

person.I love zelda,cave story,pokemon,dragon quest,and other games. I hate people who are bullies, and dont care if anyone is

bisexual or homosexual, as long

as they are nice. I often find people

breaking the BIG rules in the terms

of use, and it drives me bananas since i can only report flipnotes...

i like characters with green hair

allthough i love drawing characters

with black hair. no, i mean hair.

no racisim.

actually, i hate racists too.

anayway i love cats (its hard 2 notice

when i draw all those wolves XD

my icon is of nianda the wolf, (not on FLIPNOTE hatena) the princess of light. she isnt a sonic character though.

yeah. anyway bye.

or as my friend says just after has a psyco tantrum: bye forever!


art animation videogames