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Favorite Hobby: Football, Drawing, animating, Playing Xbox live (Gamertag: Pwner8318). Favorite Video Game: BF3, CoD MW3, Halo Reach, Castle Crashers. Fav creators: Gizmo, Anthony, Carter, Mapleheart. Youtube Account: Hoosierdude1784 (don't post that much now).

Info: O.C's: Mitch (stick fig) and Ross (boo)

How dey met: Well one day in da city, Mitch was walking and wa;king and walking. And then Ross scared the living crap outta him. They've been friends every since.

Uh.....let's see oh ya!!!!

Favorite Collage Team: Indiana Hoosiers

Favortie Pro Team: Indianapolis Colts

Favorite Youtube Creator: SMOSH!!!!

Uh......that's about it...........mmmmmmmmmmmm hot dogs................ oh ya! Go check out Carter and Mapleheart, they're awesome!