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hiya i am K@t and i am not so good with drawing on my dsi but i will try and hopefuly i will post a flipnote soon :) i already have an o.c. in mind! she just like me:P she is a half-demon two-tailed cat (ok not JUST like me) and can have an attitude she has a big ego and loves to fight... yea not all just like me... but we do have attitude...sometimes i like to chill out and go with the flow, but other times i want to punch a punching bag! i LOVE the new 2012 TMNT!!!! (did i sound like a nerd or something? cuz i feel like i did...) but i also like other stuff like pokemon, sonic, yugioh, black cat, fullmetal alchamist, beyblade, and inuyasha ;p yea i'm an anime nerd!! i like alot of a anime but it is too much to put down so i just put some of my favs! i will let ya know when i post a flip note


YAY!!!!! i have recently posted my first flip!!! i am SOOO happy!!! i've had my dsi for a while but just never got up the nerve to post a flip so this is a BIG step for me 'w^ let me know wat u think


here the o.c's i want to do when i get to that point! :)

kari the half-deamon two tailed cat (will be my main o.c)

aki the cat deamon (she is kari's "helper")

fang the wolf deamon

kagura the fox deamon

moki the fox deamon (kagura's little sis)

runo the wolf deamon (fang's little bro)

sora the dragon


here are my o.c;s but a bit diffrent and i added some too

kari the two tailed cat (my main o.c)

asami the cat (she is kari's "helper")

fang the wolf

kagura the fox

kimy the fox (kagura's little sis)

runo the wolf (fang's little bro)

sora the barn owl

moki the clouded leopard cub

miko the clouded leopard cub (moki's twin sis)

i am thinking on more o.c's ~.~


ARGH!!!! I CANT READ JAPANESE!!! so i dont know wat is wat some times...... NOT COOL!!!!

..... btw if i miss spell something when i am writeing it on my dsi i am SOOOO srry... i am dyslexic so i mess up some times... but some times i catch myself ^w^

Full name

i dont like my full name it sounds to girly for me so i go by kate


i am a girl but consider my self a tom-boy


i'm a 15 year old


i am the ONLY person in my family with a birthday in december my b-day is on 12\2

Place of birth

i dont know exactly where i was born but when i ride the dart train my mom points it out...


i love to play on my electronics, draw and maybe ride around on my scooter... and recently i like tennis :)

Special skills

i once played on my computer from 6pm-1am!! and i stayed up for a FULL 24 hrs when i was sick once... yea not something to be proud of... o's! and once on the first 2 days of summer i stayed up the WHOLE time with NO sleep at all


i speak english and i know a little korean (how to speak it) and some spanish and some japanese here and there (how to speak it)i hope to speack more languages later on