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hi my name is zac. i luv junior high. i luv science,art,and band. i play the trombone, guitar, and the flute. i speak spanish, french, and japanese. im bi. ive been to japan, italy, & Jamaica. i luv anime. my fav show is death note. i play football, socer, tenis, vollyball, baseball, & hockey. my fav animal is the panda. i idol Ed Hardy. i luv converse and my leather boots. i was born in south Carolina. my fav singers are ke$ha & 3oh!3. my lil sisters name is Aurora she is 6. my fav foot ball teem is the gators. i have onyx tongue ring, 2 lip rings, and a bridge ring. my fav car is a blue camaro. plus my bigest turn on is piercings. so if u want to talk to me more @ a dif site u can see me at

c u there. bye! XD =3 8] :\