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Hi I'm Goma Cat your one and only. So you know I have not been posting in a while. The party must go on. I hope I get to keep my old acount. Well no more to ge goma cat you have to under stand me first. So have fun.

Well I love the anime Lucky Star(i'm going to watch when i'm done)! It is so funny! Well I like Muyaki,Koatna,Tsuasksa,Kaigami,Yui,and a couple of others. Sometimes I get bored at lunch time and start to draw Lucky Star girls. My bed room door has my favorite girls. Wellsome times i watch in japanese or english. My favorite episode is 6 because ......... well i don't want to spoil it for any one. So that raps our Lucky Star pargraph.(i'll containue tommroww)