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Hi! Xach here! I'm 12 years old, live in Cali and is weird. Some call me Dipthong. (semi-inside joke lol >u<) I mostly do MV's 'n' stuff. yup.

Upcoming Flipnotes:

Palastinian Alarm clock-Was reported 7 times. I contacted Hatena about it... they'll respond.

Yeah 3x MV-15%

Random Collection 3- Trying to come up with ideas... being random is harder than you think...

Heart Breaker REMIX- 5%

DJ Got us falling in love again MV-10%


Just the way you are MV-45%

Do you like waffles?- 15%

Speeidah- 20%

What would you do?-15%

The sun will set for you MV-10%

Ravers in the UK-5%

That's all that's on my system memory and SD card...

I've noticed recently there have been a lot of MV collabs, and that I have been tagged in many of them. Like CD, I'm ONLY going to do MV collabs that were either made by my faves or my faves were tagged in. So don't expect me to do it if I don't know you. Also It's bothering me that some creators only release like REALLY official flips, never chains or tags or meme's or anything like that, But I post stuff like that all the time. So from now on, I will only post real flips, very rarely entries to "icontests" and meme's... sorry if that disappoints you.

So there is a 3DS. I will get it, FYI. I will not trade in my DSi, no, but after system transfer is available, I will proceed and do it, then sell mah DSi. According to my calculations (ignore teh nerdiness), I will be able to buy my 3DS somewhere around the start of summer, maybe mid-june. Yes, I'm saving up for it, unlike the spoiled little lards who get their parents to buy it for them. >:D

I did some more calculations (again, ignore it...) And I should be able to trade in my DSi for the 3DS nest week... mmaaybbee... but if I dont trade it in I could use the money I sell my DSi with to buy uber epic 3DS games... yeah, I'll wait till summer... OR CHRISTMAS, WHO KNOWS. jk ill get it asap.

OKAY I JUST HAD THE WEIRDEST DREAM EVAR. Okay so all of my friends were at this animated cabin as our characters for some awesome people reunion or something and i was chillin with iiSmashBro and someone opened the door. it was d-chans character, maricella, i think her name is, and i was all blushing cuz she was all beautiful (nosebleed XD) and iiSmash was cracking up cuz i was peeking aropund the corner and fell down and he literally died laughing. and then gizmo came up to me and was all like wazzup dood and i woke up. i tried to fall back asleep tho. usually my dreams have sequels, so... we'll see. LETS MAKE THIS ONE BIG INSIDE JOKE AND NEVER TELL ANYONE.

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