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Novice:My Dsi wont charge getting one for christmas.End of sentence.




Sup People?It's Slavery125!

Smosh:Shut Up!



First up,My FC'S!

BomberMan Blitz FC:4598-6191-1643

3DS FC:4768-7532-0813

MK7:Im on so if you see Mr.$lavery,Race me!If I have anymore FC's that I didn't catch I will put the rest of the FC's here.

Now,If you want me to fave you I most likely will NOT fave you.

And if you ask,I might just blow my mind.Why?You may ask.

1)I have already run out of faves.

2)I don't like beggars!

However,If youre popular I might fave you.But,not most likely NOT if you ask.

Now I do like to view flips,so do you want me to view your flippy notey?Ask meh on my FIRST icon.Cause if I were to say"Ask me on my MV" I would have a bunch of MV's soon,and you'd get CONFUSED.So now I have some shout outs for ppl who should absolutely be popular.

Comment:Your flips are aweshum and I have no idea why you have

8000 Stars.You should have more.You deserve more stars.

  • Darkness W(Wolf)

Comment:You are aweshum too.You make the best flipnotes I have ever seen.Im sorry that your flips get around 2,000 stars,but in progress,it's not in the most popular.And thx for being a good friend.

  • TDT4Ever

Comment:I liked your seires"Blargh"and"Scary Stories"

I could not make such a good seires like you.

Comment:Your EXTREMLY awesome!I mean your MV's,Flipnotes,I could not get to the animation rank that you're at right now.

Ok,Done with that.

Now for Info!

M or F Answer:M

Birthday Answer:Dec.17

When posted first flip Answer:Dec.17

Favorite Video System Answer:3DS and DS'

Favorite Drink Answer:Sprite

Favorite Candy Answer:Chocolate

Favorite Food:PIZZA!!!!

Favorite Creators Answer:Gizmo @nthony $w!$h C1 Civil D@rk $now w(Darkness w)

Real Name Answer:Andrew Zima

Ok enough with that.

This will never end on my 3DS.


Anywho I have a official chat and you are NOT to break the rules!

So I guess the giz should-

Smosh:Shut Up!

  • get rid of the smosh person.
  • Punches-

O.K,As I was saying this is all meh info!

Btw,If I get Super Mario 3D Land

Im probaly not gonna be on hatena that much.

And,If memo comes out with hatena,I AINT QUITTIN'.

Want to contact me?


M'Kay.Im done.

Don't forget to buy one of my famous super magical weegee nugget biscuits!They only cost

$500.00![only available at Target,Walmart,and B!g Lots]

LOLWUT!?!? -$l@vERY125