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Im just posting flipnots for fun and your enjoyment. well I hope you like my flipnotes and I have free battle fields. try and look at them. if you can look at my battles, there quite good. I have a music video about the song blow me away i have more now!there is soul sister,like a good boy,and the halo reach theme. I also have gun videos!what I like is halo reach,call of duty, halo 3, armor games, stick page, roblox, zoo tycoon, and zombie games. my all time favorite friends are samyster,andrew,and psycho.I have three. I can make faces right here!(:, ):, XD, O3O, -_-, :-), )X, (;, thats all I know. godzilla is my best friend and he does not have a acount so I post flipnotes for him. I AM NOT A STAR BEGGER! I hate star beggers. never add stars to a star begger. look up this web site:www.butterndabbyndseannddezzrepic.webs. its butters website. look at andrew and psychos page, there great creators.thats all. i might update this in a while. so stay tuned!