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Hi! It is mwah Zodles, I pop in, and out of hatena, usually I have chores, get grounded, or forget (Life VERY busy sometimes) I have an well "unusual" family, mii parents were divorced, so i live with my mom and brother in missouri, while my dad, stepmom, step sister, step brother, and halfsister live in gorgia, I love animals and am strong willed on being an artist when I grow up! Btw, I wont be posting as often as I usually do, for some reason, no matter how many times I add my gmas internet thing to get on the internet, it shows three bars, then it says it can't connect, I wont post on weekends until school is out, then I will rarely post at all until around the end of June. My mom got arrested and she will probably be out at around the end of june, I get internet at y house but I am staying with my gma, i might post every other weekend, on days I am with my dad, cuz my dad is moving back to missouri! Im so happy! He gets here today! :D I haven't seen him for a year! I finnally get to have my christmas w/ him! lol I would rather have the christmas in july that way I could say Christmas is in the summer! :3 but i dont think I would last that long lol. Thanks for reading! Peace, Love, Fight 'till da de@th!