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Just Read The Self Inteoduction Kay

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Just Read The Self Inteoduction Kay

Self introduction

Hello Im Zoey Jean Lockheart Its Nice To Meet You

I Will Allways Take Requets Just Ask

Well I Really Like Alot Of Things Like Drawing

Naruto Sonic Puella Magi Madoka Magicla Hatsune Miku

And All The Other Vocaloids Neopets

Littlest Pet Shop Kittys Poodles All Kinds Of Stuff

And Yes I Do Draw Em On Paper

I Do Create My Own Characters

On Paper And Dsi Ware Do You Think

Zoey Jean Lockheart Came From

And If You Want Me Ill Show You

My Other Characters Like

Mittens I Would Tell You More But

Thats More Pursanle Like You Know

Ill Only Tell My Real Name

Gender Age Birthday Hobbie

The Short Stuff You Know

Dont Ask Me The Stupid Stuff

And You Can Call Me Mittens

Or Zoey Just Telling You

And If You Wonder Why Mittens Or Mitts

Cuz He Is My O So Cute Kitty

I Can Draw Him Hehe ANd Ill Be Glad To Tell

You Other Stuff But I Have To Go Well

It Looks Likes Thats All Well

Bye!...Mitts Out!


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