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haha, long time no see.... Informing you all that I'll probably never return but you can find me on tumblr as SnubbyChoppah..... And I'm highly considering making a comic about the Phoenixes that I and planned on here years ago when Flipnote was still up and running so..... ya.. I got nothing more to say.



not much to say ..... so small info and new characters

Fang the bat

Drake the dragon

(haven't got a name yet but a werewolf)

(cant think of anything past this point)



list of characters

Oceann the bobcat

Leif the hedgehog

Zamir the raccoon

Zeb the immortal hedgehog

Colossal the bat

William the bunny/fox

William the elf

Rivo the elf

Josh the elf

Alonzo the elf

jennet the elf

Jacob the coyote

Austin the wolf

Trevor the echidna

Season the hedgehog

Nova the beast

Christian the hedgehog

Skorge the hedgehog (pronounce the first part like a skor chocolate bar)

Johana the blood wolf

Secret the angel fox

Eclipse the cat

Mirage the cat

Almira the dragon

Inferno the flame

Jessica the cat

Danial the hedgehog

Kali the kitty

Sam the tigon

Carmen the bunny/bat

Cassidy the bunny/fox

Giro the kangaroo

Jotham the hedgehog

Aria the raccoon

Zalina the phenic fairy fox

Dativa the mouse

Dawn the squirrel

Echo the human

Sketch the phoenix/humanoid

Justice the phoenix/humanoid

Cherry the phoenix/humanoid

Finch the phoenix/humanoid

Dark the phoenix/humanoid

Jungle the phoenix/humanoid

Dynamite the phoenix/humanoid

Phantom the phoenix/humanoid

Irene the human hybrid

Sabrina the panther/humanoid

Demara the bat/humanoid

Matrix the hedgehog

Joshua the hedgehog

Victoria the hedgehog

Azir the hedgehog

Oceanic the bobcat (Oceanns nega twin)

Tatum the hedgehog

Sparrow the fox

Amelia the eagle/humanoid

Ocean-wave the cat

Aquaria the human/elf

Clarissianna the snow owl/humanoid

Courtania the snake/humanoid

Lucas the porcupine/humanoid

...................... and alot more who I ether can't remember at the moment or don't have names yet.

now back to yesterday



so I am starting my anime series the fire bird origins. I have like four or five pictures so far (don't judge me).

for those who don't know the series is about a young girl named Irene who has amazing ability to change her appearance she also has the power to adopt any power of a half creature.

now a half creature is like an anthro kind of creature that is mostly human.

the first half creature we meet is a phoenix named Sketch who has been in tough situations lately since his sister died. He is part of the phoenix brothers who are ridding the earth of evil creatures that adopt them selves into the human body causing corrupt actions and power abuse, But they can only enter the blood stream of newly born children. If one of these creatures are to be victorious in winning the child must be destroyed. unfortunately these creatures are almost undetectable until the child becomes a teen.

Irene happens to be one of those children but is kind instead of corrupt.(that's very rare).

any way I have given away to much already if you wish to find out more you'll have to wait till its posted.

so now I shall redo my info.

my names not important 0 ()o

So just call me Snuh (a magical word me and my sister use)

I am in my 15 years and have an amazing family. I usually draw anime, sonic characters, cats, some cartoon show characters. I take requests the odd time and have the problem of improving then losing my improvements (lol don't ask how).

I like to do things for other people (as long as there nice about it)

also I'm a big fan of Jesus. (Woot go Jesus freaks!!! lol)

and thats about it



oops I said Cassidy was a bunny/fox........... she's actually a bunny/bat and is Carmen's sister (lol)