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Accidentally your everything since 1996.

I'm in ur flips, animatin' ur figs :U

As of summer 2012, I have a nocturnal sleeping schedule. Replies to things will be given as due during the night. I will revert back to normal sleeping patterns when school starts up again.


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(punny name is punny, but anywho...)

Full Name: Wyatt Jean Ampere

Nationality: French/Indian

Age: 17

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 172 lbs

Favourite Colors: black, green.

Likes: Torturing others, discovery, knowledge of other events (for blackmail), croissants, technology(and being able to tinker with it), potential.

Dislikes: having a disadvantage, extreme cold, people who fall short of his expectations.

Distinguishing Features: Long lock of hair(right), Dark Red Beret, Cross pin (on left side of beret), Electric gloves, cold sharp gaze.

Bio: Born to a pair of wealthy parents, Wyatt has usually gotten what he wanted. Everything changed however when, at the age of 14,(the Fire Nation attacked) the room his parents slept in mysteriously caught on fire while he was out. The fire destroyed the room and incinerated Charles Ampere(Wyatt's father) and Lumiere Ampere(Wyatt's mother). Wyatt noticed that the rest of the house was unaffected... He felt that someone deliberately did this, and as a result he became scarred and extremely cruel towards others. Some have now called him a sadistic, eloquent, manipulative, tactical genius, and he'll take that as a compliment.

By using his intellect, he engineered a pair of electric gloves, which he can use to stun (or incapacitate with prolonged exposure) targets. He loves to frustrate and torment people around him to various degrees, but that's just his way of having a good laugh. As he always says, "Humor can not be achieved without depreciating someone. That someone just happens to be you.". If he can find a way to do so, he will find your weak points and exploit them.

Will he like to be a leader?: He would, but his nature may not be the best for those around him...