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Updated: 8/19/12

The Life of Bob Season 2, coming soon.

Name: Adam.

Age: 16


Do you like soup?

  • Yes, I actually like soup. Any kind. Cept' fer chowder. :C

Do you actually have gauges?

  • Maybe, once, perhaps, no?

How did you get popular?

  • The Life of Bob & MV's.

Any tips on how to reach to the top?

  • Don't give up. That's about it. One day, your flipnote can end up in MP. Like for example, I thought TLOB was going to suck but the next day I saw it on MP page 1. So in other words just don't steal/starbeg and make good flips & BAM. :3

Do you look like your OC?

  • Nope.



  • @souplydooply

This isn't a advertisement Hatena, chill out.

Why do you ignore me in chat?

  • It's either you're begging, an annoying brat, or I'm busy talking to others.

Fun Facts:

  • I can twist my right foot backwards. :D
  • I know how to play songs on the keyboard, but I've never had a single lesson on keyboard.
  • I have dimples.
  • Ironically, I have a beauty mark underneath my ear lobe.
  • I don't have a middle name.
  • I compose music here and there.
  • I'm left handed.
  • I have been drumming for about 2 and a half years now.
  • I am a big fan of Scott Pilgrim.
  • I have a friend who looks like my OC.
  • I really like the brand Supreme.

History On Hatena:

When I first joined Hatena my original username was just Adam. I came up with Soup, because I have actually used that name for other usernames. So I decided, what the heck, Adam is too plain, let me give my username some originality. I think I started the whole " food " group usernames on Hatena, I'm not sure. Because when TLOB came out, people saw my username and was always like " Yo, you like Soup? ".

Through the year, I started seeing food usernames like..Toast, Jelly, LOL. But I'm just guessing.

The Life of Bob was a simple series I made back when I started Hatena. When I first made it, it looked really cheesy, kind of short, you can still read it if you look back on my flipnotes. My inspiration for how it's DRAWN is Cyanide and Happiness, a famous comic strip on the internet, look it up. At the time there was two series that was always coming out every week, which was mine, The Life of Bob, and Marshmellow and Candy Corn. The funny thing was, the series had the same layout, and randomness, but we didn't intentionally copy each other. Just to get that straighten out.

So besides The Life of Bob, I got REALLY blown up when I made a flipnote called Stuck Inside Your Head MV. I made it around this time of the year, and it is STILL the Number 1 Flipnote on Hatena. Once again, I'd like to thank everyone for that great achievement, for holding that flipnote #1 for so long.

Well, I hope you guys took the time to read this. I mean, if you wanted to, thanks. If you didn't, OK.