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Hello, my name is Akiza Hatake. I'm the daughter of Kakashi Hatake and I am addicted to Naruto Shippuden!!! Whee!!!! I am random and I love Sasuke Uchiha!!(I'll admit it, i'm not embarrassed to):3

Haha my birthday is July 21 and for those of you who don't know...Sasuke's birthday is July 23. I'm Living the Dream...

My dad is dating HeartClan....I have NO idea if they are gonaa get married or not....sooo....yeah.

I have a funny story for you. One day i was hanging out with Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Hinata. Dad walked up with a yellow stain on his shirt. Naruto noticed it first and burst out laughing. My Dad walked up to me and Sasuke (who had our backs turned to him) and pulled us both down by the shoulders. We both landed on our backs and was looking right at Dad. We both noticed the stain and started laughing. He asked me "what are you two laughing at?" Shikamaru and Hinata left after he turned and looked at them. Sasuke said" Kakashi, you have a stain on your shirt.It's yellow, and very visible" Dad then blushed from embarrassment and ran back to the house. Me and sasuke was still laughing. Also I snuck his book out of his dresser that morning so he ended up coming back wanting it!