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Hi, I'm Anita, Alice, Yuna.

Chinese, Japanese Age: 12


I'm just an amature artist on flipnote hatena so don't say anything about my writing or sketches. Also I have a mind full of the most wierdest ideas i could ever think off. I also have a low system mind that makes me forgot all my stuff so if u ever ask me an request and i didn't do one, REMIND me so i could finish it or remember it.


Anime I watch:

Hetalia, vampire knight, chibi vampire, kuroshitsuji, pokemon, mermaid melody PPP, otome youkai zakuro, dragon crisis, kore wo zombie desu ka?, pucca, rozen maiden, kaidan resturant, yumiero pattisier, Astarotte no Omocha, full wo sagashite, The world tha god only knows...that's it.


Friend I talk to:

Arissa-nee ID:Kawaii_neko

Snikerz-nee ID:coco_nut

~Yuuki~ゆうき ID:chocolatechips

ゆり☆#2390 ID:Kaiseymiki

ロリーニヤソ~♪ ID:darkya

melissa ID:burrito56

Kitty ID:xX3_Kitty_3Xx

~BipolaRED ID:Minani

ぇみ ID:qtukn0

Amie ID:Luvli-Hikari

☆★セレナあい☆★ ID:galaxysrule

マリー ID:Patitha01

~BipolaRED ID:Minani

Rïkä-täñぬ? ID:nodokamiyazaki

Ahra10 ID:Sailormewmew1007

*If you think i forgot to put ur name in it, tell straight away*

Anyway that's about all it. If u want me to draw or do something, feel free to ask anytime. Ok?


P.S.: I constantly change my icon alot so don't be bothered by it

还有我的中文名字是张星星, 有事的话也可以跟我谈在中文, 谢谢.