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I ish realleh random and crazy, just ask any of mah friends :D

Mah real name ish Alyssa but people also know me as Aly.

Maroon 5 ish mah fav band :T

i am 15 in the 10th grade. (My Birthday is March 16th!) :DD

Im an icecream n chocolate aholic. My fave icecreams r: mint choco chip n Ben & Jerry's Chunk monkey (banana flavored ice cream)

Attention to the few fans i may have!:

Follow/talk to me on these sites ;w; :

Facebook: Alyssa SummerAly Shutup

DeviantArt: sweetrearviewmirror

i dont really get on my deviant art account much though :T

if i get a Drawing Tablet i might be on more :3

I would just like to thank all my fans (if i have any) for your support and everything. You guys overwhelm me <,:

I love you guys so much ;w; (no homo)